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Overseas M&A and Investment

The Belt and Road Solution Limited currently cooperates with over 200 global suppliers167 in Europein infant milk powder, dietary supplements, ingredients, complementary food, food, health care products and medicines. In the future, we will work with more quality manufacturers to integrate high-quality resources around the world and to meet the growing demand for healthy and high-quality life in multiple dimensions.

The Belt and Road Solution Limited has reached substantial cooperation with partners in European countries and other regions around the world with natural high-quality​ raw materials. We will support our strategic partners in overseas M&A and investment, analyze the market for customers and provide them with solutions related to their products, company operation and development trends. Objective, reasonable and simple decision references are available to lower the investment risk, boost returns, and promote exchanges with shared resources. After such a comprehensive analysis, we will recommend suitable investment investors tailored to the client.

The Belt and Road Solution Limited has established partnerships with many countries around the world. For more details, please feel free to contact us.