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Infant Formula

Biomarvel Limited​ aims to bring European high-quality milk to the Asian countries, providing them with healthy living resources, as well as satisfying their increasing consumption needs for premium milk formulas. Sourcing natural milk from natural pastures in Europe with a strict monitoring system makes our infant formulas more suitable for the healthy growth of infants and juniors. After more than a century of inheritance and market testing, our milk powder manufacturers are expected to bring the most natural and healthy products with excellent quality to the market.

At present, we collaborate with more than 159 domestic dairy manufacturers to provide various products ranging from organic infant formulas, adult milk powder, elderly milk powder, to goat milk powder. Our core team has over 10 years of experience in the dairy industry, and has cooperation with 79 large-scale dairy manufacturers in China in research and development of new products, raw material procurement, brand operation and management. Through such cooperation, we can meet the following market needs of clients:

1. Provide direct authorization of brand products to milk plant clients;

2. Produce private brand formula required by clients;

3. Clients and manufacturers join hands in developing various functional milk powder so as to meet the needs of different groups of people.

If you have other reasonable needs, please feel free to discuss details with us and we will provide you with a full range of service packages. In terms of logistics and transportation, most of our manufacturers have their long-term stable logistics cooperation companies. Moreover, the company has signed cooperation agreements with well-known logistics and supply chain companies at home and abroad to ensure the high efficiency of product delivery.


The Belt and Road Solution Limited is looking forward to working hand in hand with you to promote the integration of milk supply and contribute to the wellbeing of human and nature.

European Cooperation Partners

Aurora Intelligent Nutrition is a Spanish food manufacturer, offering a full range of nutritional diet products of high quality. Its origins date back to the year 1939 in the Andalusian town of Estepa with the setting up of a traditional Christmas sweets factory. Thanks to their high quality their products have become a classic on the Christmas table of the Spanish homes. In the year 1975, a new facility was built to design new products and all the knowledge acquired through the decades on the Christmas sweets sector has been applied to the new field of functional nutrition. The flavor, texture and visual presentation acquire new importance with the purpose of fully satisfying the customers beyond the functional advantages of the product.

In 2001, Aurora Intelligent Nutrition was born due to brand upgradation and transformation. It reformed the production of nutrition products and entered the era of customized functional food, which makes the production more flexible and diversified. Customized products provide customers with relevant samples, ingredient ratios and production budget and production will not be carried out until the customer's standard is reached. By providing customers with safer, more thorough and secure services, Aurora has become a more competitive supplier in both production and service aspects.

Its product range contains infant formulas, functional snacks, drinks, soup and sports supplements. With Aurora Intelligent Nutrition, your diets will become healthier and more scientific.

Goldim, a Czech food producer, was set up in South Bohemia in 1992, focusing on the development of high-quality health products of great taste and a balanced nutritional value.

Goldim not only has its own microbiological research laboratory, but also strictly monitors and controls the quality of its own products and works with renowned research institutes in the Czech Republic. Its basic principle is to produce all products only from natural raw materials without the use of preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. All products are manufactured in highly hygienic conditions under the strict supervision of State and non-State supervisory authorities.

In 1996, Goldim successfully developed probiotics with prebiotics. Since 2003, it has developed and manufactured export products for foreign markets. Since 2005, they have become the only company in the world who develops and manufactures organic children’s beverages. In 2012, they developed, patented and launched a cereal product based on goat’s milk for babies. At present, their products are exported to many countries, such as Germany, Turkey, USA, Russia and Ukraine.

Their product's range includes infant formulas and baby cereals based on goat’s milk, baby teas and instant beverages in organic and conventional quality, ORS (oral rehydration solution) for children and adults, protein meals for Ketogenic Diet and food supplements for children and adults.

NutriSpain, founded in 1995, is located in Valencia, Spain. With a highly-qualified team and years of production experience, NutriSpain mainly produces infant formulas, nutraceuticals, food supplements and skin care products for third-party companies. They not only use scientific methods and pure natural materials to manufacture safe and high-quality products, but also provide customers with efficient, high-quality, flexible and comprehensive diversified services, like technical consultation, formula selection, packaging and labeling, as well as multiple technical production lines.

  NutriSpain strictly supervises the entire production processes in accordance with the current rules, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, GMP, and the HACCP System. They keep improving internal management regulations and provide regular training to employees to improve their production and development skills. Over the past 20 years, both production and quality of NutriSpain have seen a steady development. With high international recognition and rapid development, NutiSpain has become the model and pursuit target of their counterparts.

The Belt and Road Solution Limited has established partnerships with many countries around the world. For more details, please feel free to contact us.