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In Asian countries, especially China, people have higher demands on high-end, targeted and cyclical ingredients for milk powder. Our ingredients provide additional elements for milk powder and infant foods companies in China, adding value to infant products. With adequate milk suppliers, our professionalism can be reflected in the efficient integration and success in matching supply and demand.

Nowadays, The Belt and Road Solution Limited is in cooperation with over 70 foreign ingredients manufacturers. They are mainly from Europe, Australia and New Zealand, all of which are famous production areas providing natural and premium raw materials for many dairy products. Reputation investigations and field investigations are strictly conducted to select high-quality partners with stable technology, so that we are able to provide clients with safe, reliable and premium ingredients. Our lactoferrin, in particular, not only facilitate the transport of iron ions, but also features broad-spectrum antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-cancer, immune system regulation and other powerful biological functions, thus becoming more and more popular in the market as a new type of antibacterial and anticancer drug and a food, dairy and cosmetic additive with great development potential.

The ingredients under our self-owned brands are as follows:


  • Lactoferrin
  • Whole goat milk powder 
  • Organic whole goat milk powder 
  • Organic skim goat milk powder
  • Organic whole milk powder
  • Organic skim milk powder
  • Organic bovine demineralised whey powder (D90) 
  • Organic whey protein concentrate (bovine)
  • Organic lactose
  • Organic galacto-oligosaccharides
  • Organic polyfructose

  • Skim goat milk powder
  • Goat demineralized whey powder
  • Whey protein concentrate (bovine)
  • Whey protein concentrate (goat)
  •  Goat colostrum
  • Lactose
  • Bovine lactose
  • Galacto-oligosaccharides 
  • Polyfructose
  •  Prebiotics

​​​ ​With the improvement of life quality, people turn to pursue higher quality foods, such as organic food. Compared with regular food, pollution-free food and green food, organic food is at the top of the food pyramid in terms of safety. It is completely produced in accordance with the natural living environment of organisms, superior to green food, pollution-free food and regular food. In addition to not using pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified provenances, hormones and antibiotics, stringent standards in soil and air are also imposed in the natural environment specific to the production of organic food. Besides, with high standards applied in the whole processing, the quality and safety of food can be more guaranteed. The Belt and Road Solution Limited​ will be dedicated to chasing for safer and higher quality ingredients for you.

Our milk powder ingredients include but not limited to the followings:

1. Lactoferrin 

Lactoferrin (LF) is an important non-heme iron glycoprotein in milkwith a molecular mass of 70-80 kDa. It consists of a single polypeptide chain and 2 to 4 polysaccharide side chainsand it is mainly expressed and secreted by mammary epithelial cells. Lactoferrin was first discovered by Sorensen in milk from animals in 1939, and was first extracted from bovine milk by Groves. Since it forms a reddish complex with iron, it is called red protein”. In 1961, Blanc and Isliker officially named this type of protein that extracted from breast milk as lactoferrin.

2Goat colostrum

Goat colostrum refers to the milk produced by the ewes in the first week after parturition. The main component is lactoproteinwhich is able to promote calcium absorption and supply protein and vitamins. Frequent consumption of goal colostrums can improve the immunity and disease resistance of infants, largely support brain development and intellectual improvement and promote the development of the organs of infants such as stomach, intestines and liver.

3Whole goat milk powder
Whole goat milk is a milk powder product processed from fresh goat milk while the fat in the milk is not separated.

4Skim goat milk powder 
Skim goat milk is a milk powder product processed from fresh goat milk while the fat in the milk is separated.

5Goat demineralized whey powder

Goat demineralized whey powder is one type of goat whey products with dissolved minerals and water removed. The main components of goat whey powder are whey protein and lactose. Goat demineralized whey powder is obtained by removing mineral salts from whey powder, which is necessary because high mineral intake will put an extra burden on the kidneys to infants. In addition, this process helps balance the proportion of protein, making it close to that in breast milk.

6 Goat whey protein concentrate powder

Goat whey protein concentrate (WPC) is mainly obtained by ultrafiltration and spray drying. In the WPC, the proportion of whey protein is about 50% and the proportion of lactose is up to 30%.

Lactose is only found in the breast milk of mammals in nature. One molecule of lactose is composed of one molecule of glucose and one molecule of galactose. Galactose can promote the production of cerebrosides and mucopolysaccharides, so it is very important for the intelligence development of infants. Lactose is also the driving force for the development and motion of organs, nerves, limbs and muscles of kids.

The Belt and Road Solution Limited has established partnerships with many countries around the world. For more details, please feel free to contact us.