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Gene Technology

Through the introduction of European genetic monitoring technology and cooperation with Microanaly, a domestic leading gene company, our genetic technology services can now monitor the body data of infants and pregnant women.

Microanaly's personal whole-genome sequencing products cover personal traits, genetic diseases, drug response, disease resistance, nutrient absorption, and major disease risk assessment, boasting 166 common diseases, 4104 rare diseases, 77 commonly used drugs, and 69 personal traits. The comprehensive service of “one gene sample for lifelong storage”can provide you with the most valuable “life reference book”. The genome sequencing products can help you best assess the underlying disease hazards and risks on the basis of your own specific condition. We can predict the risk of developing a certain disease by harnessing the genetic knowledge and therefore delay or prevent the disease with timely scientific intervention. The genome sequencing will alert you to pay more attention about this disease and offer you a chance to take initiative of your life. We also provide the personalized health guidance regarding sports, dietary, daily life, physical examination, etc. to help you enjoy a healthy life from multiple dimensions.


Traditionally, people only seek medical help after they get sick. However, in the 21st century, "prevention" has become a new buzzword thanks to technology advancement. To this end, Microanaly has launched micro genetic testing services to detect the hidden dangers earlier, especially for people with genetic history and chronic diseases, sub-health population and children. In this way, you and your children can actually keep disease at bay! Our parent-child genetic health testing provides advice on disease prevention and early intervention for timely prevention and treatment, and establishes a scientific and reasonable lifestyle to assure the health of you and your children.

The genetic testing health services provided by our company include:

 1. Personal whole genome sequencing

2. Personal chip whole genome scanning

 3. Personal whole exome sequencing

 4. Disease risk screening

 5. Personalized custom detection

Genetic testing for prenatal and postnatal care

  Genetic testing can be applied to ensure the health of both parents and babies by improving genetic and health quality. Before the baby is born, parents can perform genetic testing in the following three areas.

1, Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) -- pre-implantation genetic diagnosis can check whether the embryo carries a genetic defect gene, and select the normal embryo to be implanted into the uterus;

2, Prenatal non-invasive genetic examination -- analyzing the biological information of free DNA extracted from pregnant women's peripheral blood (5ml) to exclude chromosomal aneuploidy fetus;

3, Drug screening to avoid adverse reactions - genetic testing can reveal the individual's genetic physique response to drugs, based on which, the professional doctors will provide a list of drugs most suitable for pregnant women to avoid the harmfulness of drugs to infants and young children.

Genetic testing for safe diet and pre-treatment for a healthy life

After the baby is born, our “Children's Healthy Growth Genetic Testing” can help parents understand the child's condition from multiple perspectives such as genetic diseases, drug reactions, disease resistance, personality traits, and nutrient absorption. Such testing includes three parts: dietary nutrition testing, disease susceptibility testing and safe drug testing with a total of 24 sub-items, 72 genes, and 99 sites that can help parents grasp the growth needs of their children. Through genetic information, parents will be more vigilant and concerned about the risk of common diseases, and able to give children the best nutrition care and health guidance from the aspects of diet, daily life, physical examination, etc. Such targeted parenting will safeguard the healthy growth of children.

·         Intestinal gene microecology detection for infants and young children

       The high incidence of immune diseases in infants and young children in China is closely related to intestinal micro-ecological imbalance. For infants and young children, their composition of intestinal microecology will undergo tremendous changes during the period of 0-3 years, and the changes are closely connected with the healthy growth of the baby, especially the establishment of the immune system and the development of the brain. Through monitoring health risks in the early stage of intestinal micro-ecology development, parents can make timely targeted intervention on the basis of evaluation results to effectively prevent and control diseases and secure a healthy growth for the baby.

       The results of the intestinal gene microecology detection for infants and young children include three sections: core indicators, expert advice and disease risk. In the core indicator section, the following information is available: micro-ecological development level, immunity level, nutrient absorption and diarrhea risk assessment. According to these test results, we can understand the health status of infants and young children and give expert advice on what the baby lacks, and what hidden dangers exist to protect the baby’s health in a more scientific way.


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