Dietary Supplement and Complementary Food

Due to the improvement of living standards, consumption upgrading and increasing awareness of child rearing, consumers attach more and importance to food safety, nutrition, quality and health. In the meantime, the government has put forward the Big Health Policy, the Good Prenatal and Postnatal Care Policy, policies regarding the improvement of people’s nutrition standard, as well as the Two-Child Policy. Against this backdrop, parents with babies over 4 months old have to choose nutritious food supplements as breast milk cannot meet the nutrition requirement anymore at this stage. As complementary food and nourishments are now expanding in the market, the complementary food industry has seen a remarkable progress in China.

In order to accommodate the changes in the market, now the Belt and Road Solution Limited has established cooperation with over 60 dietary supplement and complementary food manufacturers from Europe, North America and Oceania. We focus on sharing healthy products with more partners across the globe, benefiting more consumers and thus bringing a new fashion of healthy diet. Our partners can provide the following services: 1) Provide direct authorization of brand products to milk plant clients; 2) Produce private brand formula required by clients; 3) Working with clients to produce new dietary supplements, functional nourishments and complementary foods, as well as providing other legitimate services. As for additional services, we can provide supporting facilities of logistics supply chain as follows: 1) Logistic companies that have a long and stable cooperation with our manufacturers 2) Renowned Logistic companies at home and abroad that have signed contracts with our company

With a brand-new vision, the Belt and Road Solution Limited acts as a bridge of healthy nutrition, providing people with a better access to nutrition. We are devoted to sharing our partners with materials like nourishments and complementary food which are natural, efficient, safe and stable. We will make more efforts to build a company that can promote industrialization of “Big Health” and is professional, promising, innovative and comprehensive. Meanwhile, we will maintain a sound and lasting strategic partnership with our dealers.


Recognition of Dietary Supplement and Complementary Food

For babies at 6 to 24 months, breast milk, especially the protein and vitamin it contains, has made great contribution to their nutrient intake. However, breast milk contains a relatively low percentage of minerals such as Zn, Fe and other minerals.

In addition, it can only meet the energy requirement for babies at three to four months old. As they grow up to four to six months old, the nutrients in breast milk cannot meet their increasing demand while complementary feeding can supplement the babies with nutrition they need, which can also exercise their ability to chew, swallow and digest, thus contributing to tooth development and preparing for weaning in the future. Therefore, a timely complementary feeding is of great significance.

The World Health Organization recommends that infants drinking breast milk can start receiving complementary foods at six months of age. For mixed or artificially fed babies, complementary food can be added when babies turn at four to six months old as it is the most sensitive period for baby's taste buds. Babies are easy to accept all kinds of tastes at this stage and missing it may cause feeding difficulties after weaning.

In order to effectively address high incidence of malnutrition in infants, the Ministry of Health approved the nutrition supplement standard for infant complementary food in December, 2008. Put into effect in March, 2009, the standard aims to improve the nutrition of infants by taking complementary food supplements.



DAYONIX PHARMA, a pharmaceutical corporation founded in Hamburg, Germany, has made continuous research and development in making new products from pharmaceuticals to supplements and health products. It aims to provide affordable products with higher quality for individuals and households. Today, its products have spread across Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

The Phonenix Kidssi series mainly provides infants with nutritional supplements of various food formulas so as to satisfy all sorts of need in nutrition supplement, and to provide babies with better care. Its nutritional ingredients include Vitamin A+D+C, Multivitamins 6+ and Multivitamins 6-, etc.

Anlit, a Swiss healthcare product manufacturer

  Anlit is a Swiss health care product manufacturer founded in 1990. With the vision of promoting children's healthy growth and nutrition, they have independently developed various functional nutritional supplements, which are recognized by the international society. Their products are exported to more than 20 countries across the globe, including Europe, the United States, South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries. Anlit acquired support and recognition from Maabarot Products Group in 2008. It continues to innovate in the formula and packaging of nutritional supplements for targeted nourishments with a fun design to assure parents and make kids happy. Several of the products represented by the Omega series are as follows:

  Omega-3, a group of polyunsaturated fatty acids, is formulated with ALA (α-Linolenic acid) DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) according to different ratios to produce a variety of targeted highly concentrated Omega- 3 chewable tablets or gummies for toddlers and children. These chewable tablets contribute to the growth and function of brain as well as cognitive health.


Omega-3 comes from deep-sea fish and there’s no doubt that kids will favor its chocolate taste. Investigations have shown that an imbalance in the concentration of essential fatty acids can lead to neurodevelopmental disorders of children, such as ADHD and omega-3 supplements can help balance blood levels.

In addition, Anlit has introduced a tailored product: Omega 3 Linoleic Acid especially for vegetarians to meet their needs of Omega-3 supplements in daily diets.

U.G.A. Nutraceuticals

U.G.A. Nutraceuticals, founded in 2005, is an Italian producer specializing in R&D of health care products, including quality OMEGA-3 food supplements. Seven lines of U.G.A are as follow: 1,Well Being and Energy 2,Cardiovascular Health 3,Childhood and Growth 4,Women's Health 5,Sport 6,Antiaging 7,Mental Focus.


Among them, Childhood and Growth's fish oil products, which are natural and non-polluting, are very popular in the market, providing a just-right nutritional supplement for babies lacking vitamin A and vitamin D.

Prebiotics and Probiotics

  Being more aware of healthy diet and more sensitive to diseases, consumers have realized that intestinal flora has a bearing on their health. The major role of prebiotics and probiotics is to balance intestinal flora and improve the intestinal environment. Apart from reducing the risk of constipation, diarrhea and discomforts of digestive organs, they can also help improve cholesterol levels and immune system, lower the risk of cancers and serve as antioxidant and mutation inhibitors. Products with prebiotics and probiotics lead the transformation of food industry, contributing to the expansion of dietary supplement market. Besides, market demand for probiotic products is growing continuously as faster life pace fuels the need tremendously for quick and healthy food.

  Products with prebiotics or probiotics can be translated into drink, added into dairy products or directly enjoyed. For example, snack food or functional food for specific people, such as prebiotics grain bread and biscuits. Added with dietary fibers, they can diversify the nutritional ingredients in grains. As scientific studies go deeper, the industry of prebiotics and probiotics has ushered in a great era when research and tech applications reinforce each other. The Belt and Road Solution Limited​ is dedicated to integrating these resources, sharing them with the whole industry and connecting all parties to promote the growth of global industries.


Prebiotic is a dietary supplement mainly consisting of functional oligosaccharides. It’s usually included in food and cannot be digested. By selectively stimulating the growth and activity of the bacteria in one or a few colonies, it impacts the host positively and thus improve his or her health. Prebiotics only boost the growth of beneficial bacteria, rather than harmful bacteria with pathogenic potential or likely to cause decay.


Probiotic is a host-friendly active microorganism. Bioactive and beneficial microorganisms living in human intestines and reproductive systems to balance the host’s micro-ecology and produce positive effects with exact desirable functions are collectively known as probiotics.

The relationship between prebiotic and probiotic

Generally speaking, prebiotics feed probiotics, which can be dissolved and absorbed by beneficial intestinal bacteria and in turn promote their growth and multiplication.

Health Efficacy of Prebiotics:

1. Constipation relief

2. Lower the PH level in intestines

3. Balance bacteria

4. Better blood lipid level

5. Protect against intestine cancer

6. Strengthen immune system

7. Infant care (intestinal bacteria colony of children under 4-year-old is unstable)

A range of mouth-in germs can disturb microorganism colonies. According to relevant studies, prebiotics can work as a stabilizer by transforming the colonies and lowering the PH level. Thus, our company keeps integrating quality medicines, food and nourishment from all over the world and bring them to Asia to meet the higher demand of local people for better health. Spanish health-care producer AB-Biotics and Swiss producer Anlit are among the partners with us.

Introduction of our producers

AB-Biotics- Spanish heath care products producer

AB-Biotics, found in 2004, is a Spanish health care products supplier specializing in probiotic studies and updated genetic tool services for medicare. Its products include AB-KOLICARE, in which the probiotic can effectively relieve hernia-driven infant colic, and AB-Digestkids, whose prebiotic plus zinc formula can help relieve infant enterogastritis and diarrhea caused by campylobacter, clostridium, salmonella, escherichia and other bacteria. Moreover, AB-Biotics is dedicated to bettering human health by developing products with different probiotic formulas.

Anlit- Swiss health care products producer

  Anlit, founded in 1990, is a Swiss producer of health care products. Its functional nutritional supplements, among other products, are exported to over 20 countries, including America, Europe, South Africa, Southeast Asia and Middle East, winning recognition worldwide. 

  No.1 Probiotic and probiotic fiber is a natural bacterium beneficial to digestive and immune system. Supplements with probiotics and probiotic fiber can sustain the balance of infant digestive system, and are widely applied in preventing diarrhea, relieving colic, and supporting the function of intestines and stomach to reduce acute enteritis syndrome. Moreover, probiotics can safely and effectively reduce complications related to breathing and cold problems, like fever, running nose and cough, while preresourcetic can advance probiotic growth and maintain the balance among intestinal bacteria.

  Anlit's Probiotic+Probiotic Fibers chewable tablets are rich in probiotics and probiotics. At the same time, its candy-like package is more likely to appeal kids.

The Belt and Road Solution Limited has established partnerships with many countries around the world. For more details, please feel free to contact us.