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Biomarvel Limited​ has reached cooperation with more than 290 manufacturers globally in infant formula, milk powder for adults, milk powder for the elder, dietary supplements, raw materials, complementary food and pharmaceuticals, among which 226 are from Europe. In the future, we are going to cooperate with more manufacturers with high standards.

We hope to bring higher quality services to our customers. Therefore, in addition to providing foreign manufacturers' brands or formulas, we also provide customized services such as corporate customization. Both foreign formula products certified by overseas manufacturers according to the requirements of the China General Administration of Market Supervision, well-known formulas subscribed from foreign brands, as well as self-designed formulas that meet national policies can be custom produced in Europe. 

At present, the company provides custom-made production of cow’s milk powder, goat’s milk powder, probiotics, infant formula nourishment, nourishments for body building and baby care products.

Cow Milk Powder

The infant formula made from cow’s milk is the main food for babies as well as a principal product of our company. We have established cooperation with several foreign milk suppliers and offer them the accreditation of formula according to the requirements of the State Administration for Market Regulation. 

The companies we cooperated with mainly come from countries in Europe, including Britain, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain and Czech Republic. Only when their production scale, quality and standards meet the requirements of China, can they pass the infant formula certification of the state authority.

Goat milk formula

As a noble among milk powders, goat’s milk powder takes substantial niche in the infant formula market. The digestibility of goat’s milk for babies is as high as 94% and the structure of its protein is almost the same as that in the breast milk. The goat’s milk contains a great amount of whey protein but excludes heterologous protein which can cause allergy and is contained in cow’s milk. Therefore, goat's milk is suitable to infants of any constitution, especially those with weak gastrointestinal and poor constitution.

Goat’s milk suppliers we cooperate with are mainly from Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland.

We receive custom-made order for goat’s milk infant formula. Customers can subscribe to formulas of well-known foreign formula brands, or design their own formulas according to market need and laws and then conduct customized production in Europe.


Probiotics is live microorganism providing health benefits when consumed by host. It is a general term for effective live microorganisms living in human intestine and reproductive system and providing health benefits to improve the micro ecology of the host.

Babies experience susceptible period lasting for six years after birth as their own immune system haven’t fully developed and the antibody from their mothers disappear gradually. During this period, the functions of stomach and intestine as well as the immune system of many babies are not fully developed. Therefore, they have a weak resistance and digestive function and suffer from malabsorption in intestine as well as other infectious diseases. These ailments not only obstruct babies from growing but also bring certain negative impact on their cognitive development and social abilities. Mothers generally refuse to use chemical drugs because of the harm to their baby. Probiotics, on the other hand, is a unique natural ecological therapy that can maintain the dominant position of probiotics by maintaining the balance of the intestinal flora. Therefore, probiotics can improve the baby’s immunity, digestion and absorption and prevent diseases so as to safeguard the healthy growth for babies. Taking probiotics is also beneficial for the elder, women and children who need to improve resistance.

Probiotics suppliers we cooperate with are mainly from Demark. We warmly welcome you to customize probiotics products and we will provide you brand strategies for other products in the set.

Infant Formula Nourishments

The custom-made infant formula nourishments are tailored to babies after studying the differences of babies from various areas and establishing database for baby nutrients study. We adopt the pollution-free and premium formula that originates from Europe and cooperate with the experienced foreign manufacturer to manufacture strictly under the national health standards, with an aim to producing more suitable food for babies in terms of function, nutrients and usage.

We will scientifically match the baby's intelligence, vision, appetite, growth, bones, teeth, physique, immunity, etc., in order to develop the best combination of solutions to create more functional nutritional supplements.

Body Building

Protein is the most important nutrient to keep healthy and is a necessity to maintain the operation of organism. Protein can repair the organism and plays an essential part in the growth of cell. It has an impact not only on the development of body tissue such as muscles, but also the production of hormone, the balance of immune function, the transport between oxygen and other nutrients, the generation of hemoglobin and blood clotting. Athletes taking high-intensity exercise and bodybuilders need twice or three times amount of protein than others because high-intensity exercise will destroy myocyte and break down the muscle protein. Therefore, a timely supplement of protein can reduce the damage of muscle tissue and promote protein synthesis or restore, which can accelerate the growth of muscles and improve strength. 


Protein for modeling

Protein for accelerating muscle growth

Energy bars with high protein


Nourishments for warm up activity


Custom-made Personal Care Products for Babies

Custom-made infant personal care products we provided are differentiated for babies from different areas and free from preservatives, thickener and synthetic flavors. All ingredients are natural and provided by first-class international suppliers. Infants and young children, as their immune system is still in a relatively weak stage with low resistance, are vulnerable to various skin sensitive problems, such as eczema, diaper rash, prickly heat, contact dermatitis, millet rashinfantile acneand seborrhoeic dermatitis. Our customized products can help to solve or release these problems so as to provide a protection for babies.

The Belt and Road Solution Limited has established partnerships with many countries around the world. For more details, please feel free to contact us.